Why Join a Women’s Mountain Bike Group

Why Join a Women’s Mountain Bike Group

September 17, 2020

There are many reasons you might be searching for a women’s mountain biking group. Maybe you’ve just moved across the country and looking to meet some like-minded women. You could be new to the sport and interested in guidance and skill development. Then of course there’s always the chance that you’re just tired of riding with the guys. No matter what your desired outcome, there is a place for you in the women’s mountain biking community!

From shop-organized group rides and shuttles to women’s specific mountain bike camps & festivals, the opportunities are endless if you know where to look.

find women mountain bikers to ride with

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Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, a women's mountain biking group can help you grow your skills, improve your fitness, and meet other riders in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment.

Why connect with other women in mountain biking?

Riding in a group, whether it be men or women, always proves to be rewarding. But when in the company of shred sisters, it is a whole different experience. Women usually learn differently, attack obstacles in the trail differently, and often have a different way of offering support and encouragement. Set out for a ride with a sisterhood and you’ll find a rewarding opportunity to improve your skills and fill up your soul through camaraderie, not competition.

Besides MTB gear, every woman who takes up mountain biking needs places to ride and people to ride with, especially if you are new to the area or the sport. Learning new trail systems can be intimidating and also dangerous if you ride solo. Join a group and access that local knowledge.

There is also opportunity for progression-focused riding within the women’s mountain bike community. Women’s specific clinics and camps (see below) are widespread and well received. Experienced coaches inspire confidence, infuse fun, and most importantly cater to the female rider. It’s the perfect environment for skill and community building.

Women's mountain bike groups have a lot to offer. Apart from organizing group rides, they promote events, competitions, and festivals. But how do you find the group that's right for you?

2020-21 Women’s MTB Groups & Events by Area

Here’s a running list of recommended women’s specific mountain bike groups, organized rides, camps, clinics and more that we’ve compiled for you to check out, grouped by region.


Ladies All Ride MTB camps (WY, OR)

Trek Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps (CA, WA, OR, CO, UT)

MIsFit MTB Brigade (FB: facebook.com/Ms.fitbike/) (WA)

Pine Mtn Sports Women's MTB Program (Bend, OR)

Sagebrush Cycles - Women's Shuttles (Bend, OR)

Women in the Mountains (Park City & St. George, UT)

WomenMTB.com (Park City, UT)

VidaMTB.com 2020 camps (CO, UT) 

MTB Experience women's clinics (CA)


Ladies All Ride MTB camps (AZ)

Trek Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps (AZ)


Trek Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps (WI)

MIsFit MTB Brigade (FB: facebook.com/msfitmtbmidwest/) (WI)


Women of Oz (IG: instagram.com/womenofoznwa/) (Bentonville, AR)

Ladies All Ride MTB camps (NC, AR)


Ladies All Ride MTB camp (VT)

Outside U.S.

Trek Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps (Canada: BC, AB)

Women in the Mountains (NZ)

We want your recommendations!

Want to add your mountain bike group to our list? Contact us with the relevant information (including for new members), and we can include it here. All we ask is that you link to Revel Rider from your organization’s website or social media page!

More Resources

Local Bike Shop

Your local bike shop is a great resource. It's not just a business that provides services like bike sales, maintenance, and parts; they are the hub of cycling in your community and will likely know about women's mountain biking groups and clubs operating in the area. Many shops even organize their own women’s rides or shuttles.

If you want to know about local trails, mountain biking events, and women's MTB groups, head to your local bike shop.


Check out Instagram and type "women's mountain biking" into the search bar. You'll get stacks of results to look through. You can also see who's riding in your neck of the woods by clicking on a location.


Strava was designed to track and analyze athletic performance across several different disciplines. But, you may not know that it also serves as a social network for athletes. There are thousands of local groups and clubs, representing all kinds of sports. Mountain biking is just one. Why not join Strava for free and give it a go?


Facebook is a favorite way to find other riders and groups in a given area. Most towns have a page dedicated to cycling, and many women's mountain biking clubs and groups have active pages that garner lively participation from their members.

Try the following terms in Facebook's search bar; "cycling," "women," "mountain biking," "shredding," and "biking" will kick up a heap of options for your area.


Try typing "women's mountain biking groups" into the search bar on Meetup.com, and you'll be amazed at the sheer volume of individuals and groups served up in the results.

Searching for "women's mountain biking groups" yielded 61,580 members across 93 groups worldwide. Unsurprisingly, some of the biggest are right here in the U.S.


The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) started in 1988. It's a national network of local groups, riders, and volunteers who work on trails and access for mountain bikers in all parts of the country.

They believe, "Everyone deserves a place to ride." You can join your local chapter or check out the available resources and upcoming women's mountain biking events.

Sign up for a Race

It might sound counterintuitive to look for shred sisters in a competitive atmosphere, but you’ll quickly learn that it feels more like you’re on a team rather than racing against each other. Most races are split into categories to accommodate all levels and ages so you can sign up knowing you’ll be in good company.

Start Your Own Group

It may seem like a radical idea, but if there isn't a woman's mountain biking group in your vicinity, why not begin one? Everyone had to start somewhere. There could be one or two ladies in your town or county who would love to join a group.

Putting up a Facebook page is free and easy to do. Interested people can contact you through Facebook; it's a safe way to weed out any unsavory respondents. And be sure and let your local bike shop also spread the word.

How is COVID-19 Impacting Women’s MTB?

Even our ardent, nationwide community of MTB enthusiasts hasn’t avoided the harsh realities of stay-at-home orders and social distancing. With most big, 2020 women’s mountain biking events canceled or postponed, local women’s MTB groups and clubs are keeping riders in the loop.

Many groups have websites or Facebook pages or both. Events like skills clinics are starting to trickle back, albeit with reduced participants to allow for social distancing regulations. Be sure to check your local MTB club or group regularly for updates.

Riding with Friends

Mountain biking is a solo sport best enjoyed in the company of friends. Sure, there's a time and place when a lone ride clears the cobwebs, releases endorphins, and helps you unwind.

But, it's a different vibe when you tackle two-wheeled adventures with your buddies. For one thing, it's safer and more enjoyable. Meet new people who share your passion by joining a women's mountain biking group, or club or even start your own!

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