Amassador Application

The Revel Rider Sponsorship and Ambassador program is a membership for athletes and influencers. The ideal candidate is a leader, passionate rider, and promoter of women on bikes.

Revel Rider embraces every woman, at all levels. We believe that mountain biking is a path to empowerment, especially through a supportive and inclusive community.

We believe in creating apparel that highlights women as athletes. Designed to inspire confidence, keep up with your demands, and endure crashes.

We are thrilled to sponsor athletes and bring on brand ambassadors who are active within the biking community. Individuals are chosen for many different reasons with an emphasis on enthusiasm and engagement. 

Don't hold back, we’re excited to hear from you! Please submit the following to

 *Include (if applicable)-

         Full Name



         Photos and/or video links

         Personal website

         Social media sites (facebook, twitter, blog, instagram, etc.)

         Other brand affiliations


         Current or Past competition history


*Cover letter addressing the following-

         Describe your active endeavors and how you are participating in the biking community

         Tell us how you got started in biking and what the experience was like?

         What are you goals, ambitions, or intentions within biking?

         What are you passionate about outside of mountain biking?

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