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Mountain biking may be a male dominated sport, but there is no denying that women are a growing part of the action.

Revel Rider was born because the rate of women entering the sport didn't seem to match up with the evolution of women's mountain bike apparel. Women were still wearing men's clothes! Maybe because they didn't like the 'pink it and shrink it' style that was offered to them, and in some cases you just couldn't get that item in a women's specific fit.

From the beginning, the strategy has always been to endlessly ask for feedback. Our women's mountain bike clothes are designed with thoughtfulness, creativity, and with the goal of filling the void and offering something to women that they truly want.

Revel Rider is more than just apparel to us, it's a step in breaking barriers for women. It's supporting you in an endeavor full of life lessons, empowerment, and community.

I asked women what mountain biking has given to them and here are a few responses...

My ultimate goal is to create gear that you will love! Tell me what you want to wear and help me create women's mountain bike clothing that fills your need.
Nikki Wilkinson : Founder

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